Petals Mentoring Group, an auxiliary group of Flower City Noire Collective. PETALS Mentees are youth ages 12-18 and is zero cost for youth and families. The PETALS Mentoring Program works features community engagement in the Rochester area and with adult mentors, the PETALS are participants in the annual March for Black Women in Washington, DC.

Our goal for the PETALS is to support emerging leaders and their families during adolescence and young adulthood. We believe that it is our duty to create and maintain safe spaces for young people and their families while taking an ancestral approach to mentoring and family engagement.

Fall/ Winter 2020 Petals  

Petals mentoring will continue in conjunction with RCSD remote learning. Petals will be provided with remote learning support at Noire House and virtually. On Wednesdays, additional activities will build on the work done over the summer, and to prepare for opportunities once travel and after school internships recommence in 2021.  Retreats are planned for the winter break. As funding and additional staff permit, we will add more participants to the programs.
To learn more about The Petals Program please send us a message: